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  1. Posted by Alyx_M_, — Reply

    I read it as helena. Man i just made myself super upset. I wonder how many killjoys did this too. Prolly just me.

  2. Posted by issy_johnson, — Reply

    I love this movie 😂😂 it’s called “you again”

  3. Posted by alyssax0965, — Reply

    Why is this so true though

  4. Posted by bobicorn0906, — Reply

    Am I the only one who read it in an elderly lady voice? Lol

  5. Posted by janneaorourke, — Reply

    Wasn’t there a rival through every generation of each family?

  6. Posted by robertpbusek, — Reply

    Chloris Leachman and Betty White are just damn funny...

  7. Posted by Rohaly246, — Reply

    That will be me and my sister. 😂😂

  8. Posted by Strange20, — Reply

    if global warming lets us get to 80 that is.

  9. Posted by marissag556, — Reply

    ill be dead by 80

  10. Posted by randombandshit, — Reply

    Sassy Grannys

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