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So true! Whether it’s a fitness journey, a new project, or a new productive habit, you’ve started it to make your life better. Don’t give up; everything seems difficult and unachievable at the...


  1. Posted by livgforrest, — Reply

    No, it will make mine harder. But it will make many others better, so I'll take the hits till I cant anymore.

  2. Posted by 50o47o32, — Reply

    i am indeed scrolling though pinterest to make my life better 😃

  3. Posted by emmied8249, — Reply

    I’m done bettering...ready to soak it all up

  4. Posted by Ariesgirl62, — Reply

    Doing what? It’s been so long I don’t remember what I am doing anymore.

  5. Posted by theerikahof, — Reply

    Only for it to get worse lmao

  6. Posted by duncansnakehands, — Reply

    The reason why I watch TD

  7. Posted by parks4405, — Reply

    i follow and subscribe back y’all :)

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